Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Another day in Guangzhou

Yesterday was Han's 14th birthday.  We had our visa medical appointment.  There are 4 families in our group and there is another CCAI group here right now that has like 12 or 14 families.  My group left for the clinic early around 845 but the 15 minute drive took us an hour.  UGG.  We are the only waiting child family I our group and it took us quite a bit longer to get through the general medical part.  So there are 4 stations...the general medical, the ENT, the vital sign/sight test and then for us..the TB blood draw.  Han had to get 3 shots too. 

On the way back from the clinic, everyone sang Happy Birthday to Han  and he was loving it! haha.  We had a little birthday cake for him and had pizza from Papa John's to celebrate. 

The boys are getting along so well. 

Today is Keith's birthday...he isn't getting a cake!

We did head to a new place for lunch across the street call the Coffee Club and it was pretty good.  I am getting so sick of eating out.  I can't believe I just said that! Haha.

We have done a lot of souvenir shopping today too.  We were out of town for Zoe's birthday on Sunday, so we are buying an inordinate number of gifts for her to assuage my guilty mom heart! 

Guangzhou has been a really nice time.  I am envious of any family that is actually adopting from this province and gets to stay here for the entire time! 

Tomorrow at 740 am we leave for our visa appointment.  We have visa appointment tomorrow and then Friday is packing day which is almost leaving day.  I am so excited to get home and start letting our family find its new normal.  I am feeling very old today...maybe it is because as of today I am married to a 43 yo instead of a sprightly 42 year old!

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