Sunday, June 15, 2014

Clearing my thoughts

I start a week of vacation today and boy am I tired! I got home this morning after being up working all night and got ready for church..there were many baths and showers to be had. After church Keith hit the road with O to take him to boyscout camp and I braved my first solo 8 kid trip to Walmart to look for some father's day gifts. Yes, there is nothing like last minute shopping on the day of the holiday! Usually I am much more is Amazon shopping in the comfort of our own home. I love doing that because it is easier, but it kind of ruins the surprise for him if he gets an email from our prime account featuring his father's day gift! So, I put Violet in the baby seat of the cart, Ulysses in the front basket of the cart put a 5yo on each side, Lily rode on the front and Zeb, Alex and Han were my advance scouts mostly! We had a plan to go in and get a pocket knife and a big flashlight. We couldn't get anyone to help us at the knife counter so instead, each kid picked out a package of some kind of nut, got a big flashlight and an impulse buy by Lily of the pocket hose..something about her buying "as seen on tv" items for Keith! The kids were super good so I let them all get a treat...that was probably the most stressful part of the shopping trip. For some reason, when they are allowed to have a regular sized candybar...they start holding up like 10 pound hershey bars and asking "is this one ok?". They really did hold it all together, I was pleased. Since it was father's day and the kids wanted to stay up to give keith his gifts, I told them they could stay up late and catch lightening bugs if they took a nap. Wow...I had forgotten the joy of the 2 hour mid afternoon respite (for me)and was able to get a ton of stuff done. I made lasagna for dinner, cleaned off one of the dining room tables and the reading room and got almost all of the laundry folded. I had totally forgotten the mommy list crossing off joy of the afternoon nap. I might see how to work it in more often. In addition to providing me with some time to get some stuff done, I have a couple of kids who truly need an afternoon nap! I have really enjoyed starting up writing daily on my blog. I don't have anything very important to say, but it has helped me to stay focussed, organized, and I think even more relaxed. After I put the kids to bed tonight, I took a very long walk outside and it was extremely nice. There was a gently breeze, the temperature was a smidge chilly but not chilly enough for a jacket, the sky was clear with lots of stars and the cats kept me company. I had lots of time to remind myself how lucky I am and how really spectacular my life is if I can keep all of the mundane hustle and bustle in perspective. I think I am getting there! did I do today? Step 1 budget...I spent an unbudgeted amount at the store on Father's day and a ton of fruit...oops. Step 2 Family Dinner fail. I made lasagna and got everyone to the table, handed out plates and said grace. I even sat and ate a very small amount. Then, I put Lily in charge of seconds and went upstairs for a 45 minute nap until Keith got home. Yes, it was a family dinner fail, but my big girls really stepped up today and helped out when I needed to sleep. I am looking forward to this week. I have really been praying about mom as ministry and especially homeschool mom as ministry. Yes, I have some great material for school, but I am really soaking in the idea that multi-tasking is a tool to suck the joy out of accomplishment. By not focussing on doing what you are doing primarily to the best of your ability you are denying yourself the time to enjoy doing the task. It is all rush, rush, rush, and you can't truly be in the moment. I am really hoping to enjoy my family this week, to enjoy doing one thing at a time and appreciate the specialness of each kid...yes that even means Benjamin's constant dialogue. I am grateful that God has given me a Benjamin to build me into a more patient, relaxed woman..and I know one day he will change the world and it will knock my socks off. Now for some well deserved sleep before we start this really wonderful week. I am such a lucky girl.

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mesphe said...

I'm so good at multi-tasking that I never thought of it as you've described. Very interesting. It does seem that all I do is rush. I thought this is just how it's supposed to be with a lot of children. How self-controlled one must be to slow down and focus on/enjoy the moment.

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