Sunday, June 8, 2014

Day 1 with 9 kids

We got home around 130 am this morning, so we decided to wake all of the kids up. The kids were so excited to see us - we were so excited to see them! they had made welcome home signs and put them up all over the house. the house was sooo clean..that was my welcome home sign..haha. The kids showed Han and Ulysses all around the house - showed them their favorite toys in each room. It was really nice. We all headed to bed around 315. Keith set up the camping cot in the boys room and stayed in there with the boys. I laid down with Violet in her big girl bed in the girls room until she fell asleep and then headed back into my room. It is so weird to have Violet in her own room instead of sleeping in our room. I think Keith sees it as a sign that his baby is growing up. He is not ready for Violet to be any older than 2yo! My super nice husband let me sleep in today - i awoke around 11am to Zeb yelling at me that Dad needed me downstairs right now. The day was a string of fires requiring attention all day...thankfully, thus far, there haven't been any actual fires. I did get the suitcases unpacked and laundry started. We made dinner (ok it was only a matter of throwing a prepared frozen crock pot meal in the crock pot...but was dinner!), we had dinner altogether... yeah for step 2. I am working the night shift his week so that I will be home during the day and off next week for our trip up to Cincinnati Children's Hospital. The new boys are doing so well. We divided up the kids into teams to help the new boys learn our routines. Since I can't be with both of them all the time, I am trying to make sure that someone is with them all the time. Showing them things like we take off our shoes and wash our hands when we come inside from playing, how to rinse off our bowls after cereal in the morning. So far we haven't lost anyone or broken any bones...and like i mentioned fires or explosions. When i had to leave for work tonight after dinner, we had put a movie in for everyone to watch so I came into the media room to hug everyone goodbye and my new boys ran up for a hug and kiss goodbye just like eveyone else did. I have been saying this since we picked each of them up....they are really good boys. They are sweet, smart, funny, and I just can't believe how lucky we are.

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