Friday, June 6, 2014

Large Family

We have 9 kids.  We are officially a large family.  We went to an Together for Adoption Conference in Nashville when we only had 4 kids and boy did we feel like lightweights.  We went to another conference in 2011 and we had 6 kids...a little more respectable...still a lightweight.  It has been a long time since the size of a family has shocked me.  Yes, I have been known to peruse the Dugger blog for ideas...I admit it.

Today we were in the lobby of the hotel in Guangzhou and Keith was getting some more money exchanged while the bigger travel group from CCAI was meeting and getting their paperwork back.  One of the women started talking to my kids asking them how old they were and I answered her and gave her the rundown on the 4 - 5 words in English that they know.  She asked if we had any other kids and I told her we had 7 other kids at home.

I have never had this experience...ever....she opened her mouth in shock.  She was literally in shock.  She then walks around to every single person (there were 8people) who was standing in my general vicinity and told them each (even thought they all heard her the first time) how many children I had and that we were adopting 2 more.  Then she grabs me (all in my personal space)...and gave me a giant kiss on my cheek and said "God bless you!".  It was all very uncomfortable.  I think that people are sometimes surprised a bit by our family size.  I don' t think that this woman was mean spirited or anything like that.  She was just very surprised and I think genuinely shocked.  I also think she was very sweet and I appreciate her prayer for blessings! 

God has really blessed me with my kids and with my husband who is obviously just as crazy as I am!  I am one lucky girl to have a family like this! 

Shannon...I am pretty sure we are done! I have learned not to say that anything is certain.  In fact one of the other parents here from West Virginia thought we ought to adopt once more to make our family a perfect 10!  If we adopt again it will be Keith's idea not mine...and that would cement that he is actually crazier than me.

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