Saturday, June 14, 2014

My family mission statement

I have been spending quite a bit of time in the last 12 hours thinking about what changes we can implement in the way we run our family. I have had lots of time because I am working the night shift (in the Operating Room) on a Friday the 13th that is also a full moon...there has not been a whole lot of sleeping around here! haha. This is the family mission statement I have come up with: To create a calm, comfortable and relaxed environment where everyone feels safe, loved, wanted and special. I have come up with some tangible and measurable steps to work toward that goal, but i am also still working on it! Of course the first 3 steps I have been talking about for the last couple of days. Step 1 - stay in my budget so that I don't have to work extra shifts and can stay home with my family Step 2 - Family Dinner everynight regardless of other commitments Step 3 - Push my patience to the Max with Benjamin (ok everyone in the family...but it is mostly Ben) and stop yelling I had some problems tonight at dinner because the meal consisted of pork tacos and pork sandwiches which had to be assembled as kids wanted seconds and thirds and fourths (egads!). I printed off many crockpot recipes tonight and will try to transition to scoopable meals for a while. I think that will help make my family dinner time a little easier for me to enjoy. As we create our Household Management Binder, i will be creating 3 separate months of meal plans and attach the shopping list and recipes behind them so we can rotate through months (to keep in a little interesting), but I won't have to spend the time monthly to come up with a meal calendar. There are months that I just can't find the time at the beginning of the month to do it. Some other tangible steps We will be instituting is Special Day. Each child will get on special day a month where they get to pick the meals and a cake, pick activities for the day and we will spend time at Dinner where everyone takes time to say why that kid is special. It will kind of be like a birthday every month except with no presents. I have been reading the blog Amongst Lovely Things and I have been getting some great ideas. One of the ideas she mentions is switching to a time based schedule instead of a to do list (which I have been halfheartedly been trying to do for about a year now), and also only scheduling 80% of the school day. That is genius. I always overschedule school. I am waaaaay better than I was when we first started homeschooling Lily, but we still overschedule. So, i am going to cut back to scheduling only 80%. Just reading and re-reading parts of her blog are helping me to really dedicate myself to the proposition of being more relaxed. I can't wait to read her ebook, Teaching from Rest: a Homeschoolers Guide to Unshakable Peace. If Saturday night is anything like tonight was...I will have lots of time to read it! How can I do more to fulfill our family's new mission statement? Any suggestions are appreciated! What concrete steps do you take to make your home a respite for your families?

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Shannon said...

I'm excited to follow you on this. We are so overwhelmed in the evenings especially. Barely get dinner on the table and I'm becomming more and more of a "yeller." I HATE it! I love your idea of a mission statement and I really like the special day of the month idea.

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