Sunday, June 8, 2014

Slowin' it down y'all

You know what's tough? Change. It is hard. I am very good at being overworked, overscheduled, and overwhelmed by my own expectations of myself. Literally for the last year I have been talking about slowing down, paring back. I have said out loud multiple times that I am going to quit doing locums instead of vacation, that I am going to slow down.

How has thay worked out for me? Yeah...I have been doing a whole lot of talking and not a whole lot of paring down. In fact in the last year we have gone from homeschooling one to homeschooling 9, adopted two older boys with needs, started an American Heritage Girls troop and done months of locums. All are good things and I am overjoyed to be able to have done them all....but I really need to slow it down.

I know how to do the busy, pile so much on your plate it cant possibly all get completed thing. I do that very well. The exhausted, unrealistic expectation thing....I personify it.

I have read books and internet paged on simplifying life, i have talked about it ad nauseum. I think I need some sort of plan....a very simple plan.

Step 1 is money. It is time for me to realize and admit out loud that I am a terrible money manager and like to spend money. As a result, when I am offered a locums job...i take it spend a week or longer away from mt family so we can blow money on stupud stuff we dont need. What I need to do is stay on our budget and enjoy a week off with my family. Step one of simplifying my life is to get "gazelle-like" and put money where it belongs.

Step 2 is food. I like to eat great big cheesy carbolicious badness. We are so busy it is hard to spend time relaxing and eating good food as a family. I know it is important to spend family time around the dinner table...but we have scouts, dance, church, i work nights sometimes and then there are work meetings. Yeah...we all have know excuses for prioritizing things over the big family dinner. It is easy to look at the tangible attendance record and see abscences. It is much harder to gauge what you have lost when you dont slow down and have a family dinner. I know we have lost lots of opportunities to connect. So step 2 is prioritizing healthy family dinners over extracurricular activities.

If i can successfully take those two steps...I am halfway there. Starting today....right now. Seriously.

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