Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Still crazy

Today was just as crazy as yesterday...but with less is that possible? I wonder the same thing! I was up until 3am and slept until 630. I headed home and did the dishes, made chocolate chip cookie dough (which I have not yet baked), started folding laundry. We went to the park with everyone - which was fun and really hot. It is definitely summer! Han and Ulysses are doing so good and the other kids are so excited to be helping out. We basically have a kid orientation schedule. han and Ulysses are paired with a big kid now and that big kid is responsible for making sure that Han and Ulysses don't do anything crazy while we aren't watching. They are also helping with teaching letters and words in English. I know that things eventually will get harder...but I am hoping that won't happen until they get easier first. What I mean by this is that I know that there is still novelty...the new kids are going to get stressed out by the stress of learning a new languange of not being able to communicate with us well. It is going to happen, grief will start, greif about leaving their friends and foster family behind, grief of realizing we are not the perfect, dreamed about parents. I know...hard to believe! haha! I know that the other kids will tire of the novelty and excitement of being a helper to the new kids and start to see it as work (and it is hard work!). Things will get harder. I think that things will get easier too as keith and I become more accustomed to a routine...are able to create a workable routine. Tonight we spent an hour mapping out our day tomorrow. My hope is that a well thought out plan will eliminate the lost time and inevitable pandemonium during transition between activities. Day 2 of slowing down: I didnt spend any money, but I am 3 days overdue balancing my checkbook....oops. I was running around crazy trying to get dinner made and to a work meeting. I was rushing around fully sure that there was no way i was going to get to eat a relaxing dinner with my family. Then out of the blue, my awesome husband reminded me to just sit down, have dinner with my family and be late to the meeting. Prioritizing my family dinners above other things means to actually prioritize it over other doesnt mean successfully do it all.Doing it all is impossible. Thanks Keith.

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