Monday, June 9, 2014

Survival mode

I am on the night shift this week...which is great for many reasons. The one reason that it is not that i don't get to sleep all night nor do I sleep all day which leads to some umm..exhaustion! Especially if you add the stress of the 32 hour travel day that ends the day you start on nights. That being said...I am not a total loon (as far as I can tell). Today was crazy. I started the day oversleeping. I should have gotten up at 830 but instead slept until 11. Our babysitter got to our house at 5am so that Keith could leave to pick up O and the kids got up shortly after that. Steph (the babysitter) came and woke me up at 11 because of Ulysses bag was leaking pee everywhere. There was a tear in the bag so we had to change biggie, except all of the pee all over my house and germies that could have gotten into his system. Realizing of course, that it was 11am and the dentist hadn't called me back about the "emergency" I called in on sunday. There was an unfortunate meeting of the green and blue trapeze rings on the swingset and Zoe's front teeth ending in a bloody loose tooth mess with her front permanent teeth. So, I am dazed, half-asleep in my PJ's with already out of control kids swarming around me with leaky bags, loose permanent teeth, a play room that has exploded into nerf guns and that one second happens when all the kids just stop long enough to see if I am going to take control. Seriously, they all stopped for just a split second to see what was going to happen. I took immediate advantage and went to the go to bed making, clean-up the playroom, gather laundry fall back and the kids amazingly jumped in and order was restored (hhahahah that order restored thing..not so much...i crack myself up..) at least some children were distracted so I called the Dentist, gave Ulysses a shower and some stoma care..then jumped in the car with Zoe and my best I worked all night scrub outfit/pajamas and headed to the Dentist for a 40 minute wait. The Dentist was good news...her loose teeth actually weren't permanent teeth...oops but several of her permanent teeth are in the process of coming in around the baby teeth so there is some teeth pulling in Zoe's near maybe that is bad news..but I will take it. Steph got the kids lunch while I was gone and I split them up into study groups to work on the alphabet then we watched some preschool prep letters and letter sounds while Lily worked on Math and logic. I was somehow able to get most of the laundry done, Chicken cooked, shredded and frozen, and dinner made. I didn't get anything on my list done today...but i survived. I only yelled at Ben once (if you know Ben...that is a major win) and that was when he hit me in the face with a paper airplane. I almost held it together all day. The kids are all adjusting way better than me. I still have these self-expectations that I know are outrageous and unreachable intellectually..but emotionally I really want to be able to be perfect. I want to do school with all the kids, get the housework done, and spend more hours of connecting quality time with my kids than are actually in a 24hour day. Today...i chose survival. Tomorrow, maybe I will get a little bit closer to the ideal I have set for myself! I didn't spend any money...stuck to my budget (although keith probably overspent on his trip to Bham to up O..and that is OK..I'm not complaining or judging). We did have a family dinner. We had jambalaya and goldfish crackers. All the kids used the chopsticks we brought back from China for everyone and watching Violet eat with chopsticks was hilarious. I don't eat with them so me trying to show them how to do it was probably equally hilarious. I would have liked to have been more relaxed and spent more time just chilling with the kids, but I survived and we had dinner together. My goals for tomorrow are to spend 2 hours (300-500) playing with all of the kids. I think we will play simon says to work on expanding some vocabulary skills for Han and Ulysses. I have some phone calls to make to get things set up at Cincinatti Children's Hospital and I will make those while I take Lily and Alex to their singing class (1-230) I promised Violet I would make chocolate chip i might do that in the morning (8-9) School goals tomorrow. (8-11) Ben, Zeb and Lily will work on math and science while Ulysses, Zoe and Violet watch some cartoons...I am thinking Dora. Alex will work on her schoolwork and I think we might start up rosetta stone English for Han. Most importantly I am going to remember to tell myself continuously to slow down and enjoy spending time in the present..especially when I am eating some chocolate chip cookie dough...mwahaha

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