Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Part of the visa medical exam for children between the ages of 2 and 14 is a tuberculosis blood titer.  If that comes back positive, the child has to get a chest x ray.  If the chest xray comes back positive, the child provides three samples of sputum on three different mornings before eating anything.  Once those are cultured, if they come back positive it is 6 months of treatment in China or you can apply to the State Department for a health waiver.

You might be wondering why it is that I am so familiar with this process....or maybe you can surmise that one of my children came back with a positive blood titer.  We zipped over to the health clinic for a chest xray which was thankfully negative.  However, I got to spend a very long 35 minutes obsessing about the scenarios!

Apparently, about 10% of the children that come through the visa medical center require a chest xray because of a positive blood titer.  The incidence of actual positive TB cases is very low.  There was one case about 2 years ago and there is one family in Guangzhou now with a tb+ child and they are in the waiver process. 

I don't think we are ever adopting again...but if we do, we are going to double check that our referred child has had a tb test in the past.  One of our children had a negative tb on his referral medical, the other one did not have a tb test listed.  I think I could do without the extra stress! haha.  I was very relieved at the negative chest say the very least!


Shannon said... the MDR-TB incident of 2012 where the CDC & SWAT teams decended on our house in helicopters and armoured vehicles because the (stupid) Embassy released my TB+ kid too early (THANK GOD or we never would've gotten her out).

I glad the xray was negative and you ARE getting out! Crazy stuff! Now hurry up and get home before anything else weird happens.

And the whole "never adopting again" thing - I call your bluff! :)

Michelle said...

I totally thought of you, Shannon, while I was on my way to get the chest xray!

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