Thursday, June 12, 2014

Where did all of our food go?

Ok...I know where it went..into little tummies! I stopped at the store on the way home from work early monday morning and bought 3 gallons of milk. They finished them up this morning...Thursady morning...that is almost a gallon a day and that is just for cereal. I think we are going to have to switch to maybe pancakes and bulk yogurt or oatmeal! Today was a good day. We weren't as structured as the last 2 days. I am trying to back down on the structure and see at what point our family devolves into chaos! Today was pretty good. I got home a little bit late, set the big girls to putting together cereal while I jumped in the shower. We had the kids working on writing letters and helping Han and Ulysses write some letters..that lasted a good hour. We split into a couple of different activites after that...a few little kids watched some Angelina Ballerina, my big kids played story cubes, Zeb and O played video games, Zoe, Han and ulysses played with our blocks and patternable worksheets. the morning sounds nice and calm, but it is peppered with an unending and unceasing running request for random items, attention, etc by one or more kids. All of the tiny requests and interruptions led to my 20 minutes of paying bills and balancing the checkbook to a 3 hour ordeal. Which was surprisingly ok with me! haha Part of the reason may be that I am so exhausted that I am kind of alike a rubber band that has been stretched way to far and now I am too stretched out to snap back into my normal tightly wound self! After lunch, some kids headed outside and 1/3 of the kids were bathed. Violet and I snuck upstairs after she had a total meltdown about something ridiculous and we took a cuddly nap. She fell asleept ridiculously quick (yeah!) and i snuck into my own room for a nap which lasted a very delightful 2 hours. My nap meant that I missed my "me" time for making phone calls and I also missed 3 phone calls from Cincinnati Children's Hospital...but boy was a 2 hour nap a huge luxury! I jumped out of bed at 415 and started some rice to mix with some chicken I cooked up on Monday. I made 12 cups of rice and do you know how much was left after dinner...none. I didn't even eat anything. So...we knew that our food consumption was going to increase..but I didn't realize by how much! This is crazy. I am hoping to come up with a new meal plan! Yikes! I found the most incredible blog today. I received an email from Classical Academic press that had a link to an ebook called "teaching from rest". I clicked on it because you might have noticed that i am on a mission to create a more relaxed, calm environment around me. Wow...was I blown away from this blog . One of the posts I hit on to read started with this: "My problem with schedules, routines, and general task management systems is this: most of them feed into my tendency to prioritize getting stuff done over building relationships. It’s the nature of a list of tasks to put priority on the doing, and my git-’er-done personality tends to take that up a notch." I have been struggling with finding a way to organize my day so that my priorities are building relationships and the pressure I put on myself to mark things off my to do list is an ever present 1000 pound elephant on my back! This is a blog written by a woman that I can relate to! I promptly ordered her Ebook and Companion and can't wait to read it! This email that led me to her blog was from a classical education group that Keith and I found at the homeschool convention. We recently read a book on building character that was instrumental in starting me on this journey to unwind and learn to prioritize relationships (however unquantifiable it may be!) over the very concrete to do list. That book was at the display for another classical education publisher. When we went to the homeschool convention we were focussed on finding more non-traditional types of curriculum and instead came home with a ton of classical education plans. All of the work I am trying to do right now to become a better mom is directly related to our change in direction of our homeschool and I am so excited about it. How did I do in my Slowin it down plan today? Ok... Step one was ugly...Budget blown. I bought some Shampoo on line last night...I know it is ridiculous. I have decided to keep my ridiculously long hair for a while longer and it is getting pretty damaged. Additionally, Lilianna is letting her hair grow out and I am soooo excited about it. She has beautiful hair but hates, hates, hates to brush it because it gets pretty tangles up pretty quickly. So, I bought us a 90 day supply of Wen..if it is good enough for Alyssa Milano it is good enough for us right? I also bought the ebook I mentioned above. So I blew the budget. Step 2 - family dinner. Done. No I didn't eat because apparently 12 cups of rice and 4 pounds of chicken isn't enough to feed my family one meal..but we did pray and we did talk about the favorite part of our day and the kids did have a good day. Step Benjamin - I only yelled at him once. He gets his own step because he is the loudest, most talkative, demanding 5 year old I have ever met and he will drive anyone crazy. Although, I know that God has blessed him with that drive to talk and that someday he will use that voice to speak for people who can't speak up for themselves and it will be an amazing sight. Until then, I must keep reminding myself that that day is coming! So being driven to the edge of sanity by Benjamin is a daily occurrence that will make me stronger...

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mesphe said...

I'm working on building relationships over having a cleaner home, too. It's a constant work in progress, but will be worth the effort. Love reading your blog!

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