Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Benjamin is such an enigma. He is complicated...he is the most tenderhearted of my children, I think. He is very sensitive, his feelings are very easily hurt but at the same time he is so strong willed and determined. He hides hurt feelings and anxiety with bravado and has been doing that since he was 3yo maybe.
Ben loves his yellow blankie. Last years birthday cake was a yellow blankie cake. This year he wanted a swimming pool cake...translation ..he got blue frosting. He asked for a yellow blankie scooter with a yellow foot brake. His cat had kittens...two of them..named yellow and blankie.
Ben and I recently had a lunch date...just the two of us to celebrate an accomplishment of his and he is so awesome in his benjamin-ness. We had pizza buffet and he had a plan for everything...which way we had to walk to the buffet and then back to the table. I just let him be blissfully in control of all the tiny unimportant details. He was so happy. Everytime I get to spend alone time with Ben, I am always surprised at how witty and adorable he can be when he is not struggling to be in control. Of all of our children, Benjamin is the only one that could be a happy only child. I see so much of Keith in Benjamin. I cant help but love him to pieces and worry about the world breaking his heart. I also worry that we might accidently break his spirit because , people, he is God's answer to teaching me patience if you know what I mean!

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