Tuesday, July 15, 2014

church camp

Lily and Alex went to church camp....oh my! They have both been to sleep away camp before...all girl sleep away camp. This 5 day camp was co-ed. Oh my. Apparently there was a dance and both of my girls did some slow dancing with a boy..not the same boy. In fact when i was picking them up at church on Friday, one of the boys ran up to my friend, Katie....whose son is sitting next to my baby lily....and told her that her son now has a girlfriend. Oh my! At that moment I don't know if I was more worried that it was or wasn't Lily. According to Katie, it is Lily. According to Lily, he was dared to ask a girl out and that is all...they are just friends. She also got a valentines card from him this year that said "roses are red, violets are blue, flowers are pretty and so are you". He also later made her a duct tape purse and a pencil from a stick.
The cutest thing I have seen so far though is when he held her purse while she was climbing a rock wall at a scout field trip...he just patiently waited for her to finish so they could walk around and hang out. She thinks he is dreamy because he reads cool books and he knows his bible really well...he gets 100 s on his bible bowl tests. Lets keep the slow dancing out of it for now...I am not ready to deal with that yet!
I dont know the boy Alex slow danced with. I think he was from another church. I always worry about letting Alex go to camp because she dysregulates upon returning home...it is like she flips so easily back into institutionalized mode and has problems becoming her sweet family girl self when she gets home. I was hoping we wouldnt have that issue with only a 5 day camp but we have. Hopefully she will come out of it soon! I am actually really glad that Alex had a boy ask her to dance since Lily did. When lily got the valentine card and Alex didnt get one ...Alex had one of her freak out run away from home episodes after cornering lily and physically intimidating her. There is no telling how Alex might have punished lily for a boy asking her to slow dance if no one had asked Alex. This is the first time we have let the big girls do camp at the same time....it was risky but seemed to work out. I am not entirely sure I will let them go to the same
session again. We will see! Kids....especially teen age girls are always unpredictable!

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