Monday, July 14, 2014


Lilly is an amazing little singing machine. She is performing with the Mountain Arts Center Kentucky Opry Junior Pros. This last Saturday was her third performance. We brought the entire family for the first time. Thus was really our first big outing. Yes we have been to church, but that isabout it. The seating was a little confusing, the kids had been a little wild that day...and by "kids" you should probably just insert Ben...I was exhausted. Add to that the fact that I always get anxious for Lily and I was exhausted, on edge and less than at the top of my game. As we bring the whole....basically well behaved crew into the auditorium, I hear two of the elderly volunteer ushers talking about us in their outside voices...I don't remember exactly what they said...but one of them said something like "I would never do that I would be so exhausted" and then she said like the exact same thing four or five different ways. It was as if mojo jojo had
entered the room and in cahoots eith Benjamin, was purposefully trying to push me to my limits of sanity by using the voice of this woman tslking about us. I have actually never been botheted by people talking about or staring at us because my family is awesome. However, this particular night I really, really, really wanted to turn and get all empowered to connect eye contact, same level, her hands in mine and say..."yes i am exhausted please quit talking about my family." Instead, I managed to smile while gracefully begging my husband to organize the seating arrangements before i buried my head into one of the 5 boxes of popcorn we purchased for the show. Lily was fabulous and Ulysses totally frealed out in excitement when he saw his sister on the stage. It was a great outing...but you know what....I WAS exhausted and that was Ok.

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Anonymous said...

I laughed when you described her using her "outside voice"! I wish I could come over and give you a hug. You're an inspiration to so many of us!!

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