Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Ulysses had surgery 2 weeks ago. He had his annoying, leaky, suprapubic catheter removed...yeah! In its place...actually several cm superior to the catheter site...is a surgically created hole attaching his bladder to his skin and providing a nice big site for urine to escape his refluxing little bladder. the hope is that if we can take some of the pressure off of the kidneys (mainly all of the urine that keeps backing up into them!)...his little kidneys might improve. The urologist said we are talking about 18 - 24 months of this little vesicostomy. Now, Ulysses has some killer urine output he is definitely high output. When he first came home from the hospital we had to change his diaper (with a pad in front of his vesicostomy) every hour or more frequently to avoid having to change his clothes too. We have invested in some ultimate absorbancy Poise pads and put them over his stoma and we can actually make it almost 2 hours between diaper changes. We have been looking at switching to cloth diapers. We have never done cloth diapers before, but it might make sense for Ulysses...I have so many other things on my plate, I haven't fully invested myself in the undertaking. I have 2 weeks off in September...Imight get motivated to check into it. Any suggestions are appreciated! Overall, everyone is still doing really well. We are working on English and I am working on my patience. My kids are just so darn sweet. There are seriously not enough hours in the day! I am currently working nights and it is great because it gives me all day at home and I always plan a million things I am going to do over the week and I get about 10% of it done. I am wednesday now and I have literally not even finished the laundry. Not that it is every finished..haha! I want to spend more time just hanging out with everyone. I think I will do that tomorrow before our VBS at 6pm. I will just do luandry, pick up the house and hang with the kiddos.


jason kelly said...

I found with my daughter's vesi that using a reg sized diaper and then a size smaller is the best way to diaper her. Specially at night. Most nights she doesnt soak through. I also but a undershirt/leo on her to keep both diapers in place. I havent heard of too many moms that use cloth diapers with the vesi. How has it been working?

Unknown said...

My two month old daughter will be getting a vesicostomy soon.
What have you found that works best? Any advice? I'm feeling like a deer in headlights right now.
We are waiting for our MRI to see if she has tethered cord, if so they will fix that and do the vesicostomy at once.

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