Thursday, September 25, 2014

September already...

I can't believe it is already September...and almost October. My life is a whirlwind...kind of a blur actually. It is still a blur and we are actively trying to slow it down! I have had several weeks at home this month because of working nights and vacation..but it still feels like I haven't had time to chill out. What is new. School is going great...I think it is going great. I am on top of the scheduling and it is mostly all getting done in a timely fashion. We have really and truly finished 4 weeks of school and I am pleased as punch. Han is definitely doing great learning English...he runs his words together a little too quickly and backslides on enunciation but he is doing really good. Ulysses is not talking as much as Han, but he is able to get his idea across pretty well. I think his receptive language skills are behind Han's a little more than is expressive skills. We are still working on the alphabet with Ulysses and learning letters. Ben and Zeb are cruising through their second grade stuff. We need to sit and read with them a little more than we do now, we have to prioritize the read aloud to mom and dad part of school! Alex is rocking her homework...she is kind of all over the place in terms of her assignments...math at one grade, history and geography at another grade, but she is reading right along with Lily at the 7th grade go girl! Lily is awesome - she still gets a little crazy and dysregulated when she is tire..I don't think that is something she is going to outgrow...she will just learn to manage it better as she gets older. She is waaaaaaaay better than she was 3 years ago! It was so sad to close the pool last week...I love having family time at the pool...I think the reason I love it so much is that it is totally uninterrupted and I am completely involved with the kids there with no other distractions because it is kids near the water. I am looking for the secret to endless amounts of mommy energy and making an hour last longer than 60 minutes...if you have any suggestions please let me know!

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