Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Friday, February 5, 2016

South Carolina Front Porch

Look how cute! Sitting on the front porch! Change is hard. Especially for the kiddos, but everyone is really doing a great job. The first couple of months were really tough for the big kids. We went from 6000 square feet, a pool, a barn and 14 acres of mountain to romp in down to 2100 sq feet and 4 acres. I am so excited about downsizing and taking these 4 acres and putting our very own twist to it. I am also excited about really paying some bills off. Yeah!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

summer like weather

It is nice to be in 70 degree weather. The kids are playing their own football based game called 2 hand touch. The kittens have grown a ton and Ben is doing his best zoolander pose.

Friday, January 22, 2016


more snow

Thursday, January 21, 2016


Yes it is the great blizzard of January 2016! One of the reasons we moved is because of how completely craptastic February's weather was last year. So here we are...trapped in Pikeville with crappy winter weather! Don't get me wrong...I love snow, fireplaces with roaring fires and hot chocolate. What I don't love is careening down the big old hill in my hollow and I don't love going into work the night before because I won't make it in at 530 in the am. But the kids had fun in the snow!

Ben and Mommy day

Sometime in November, Benjamin decided we were going to have Ben and Mommy day. I told him at the time that my next day off wouldn't be until January 16. Bam January 15 rolls around and Ben is telling me all of the things we will be doing the next day. We started out rolling over to the mall to jump on that $10.00 bungy jumping thing, then we bought tickets to The Force Awakens and picked up our 3d glasses which Ben is modelling. We had some Starbucks Coffee and went to the movies...purchasing get a ridiculous amount of movie snacks. We did some general shopping after the movie...a star wars rebels bouncing ball, a force awakens art activity set, a set of neoprene 4lb weights so Ben could build up his muscles...a couple of pairs of long pants. Then the crowning event of the day...dinner at Benjamin's original Calabash. A pirate greeted Ben at the door and he told everyone inside that his,name was Benjamin too. He had crab legs for the first time and ate so much he had to sleep on the floor steps away from the bathroom that night.
Altogether a successful Ben and Mommy day...pictures I. The next post!

Ben and Mommy day

Reading Horizons

A couple of months ago we bought an online reading program called reading horizons. We got a subscription for the older kids...Alex and Han (called Elevate) and a subscription for the younger kids, Zeb and Zoe (called Discovery). Wow! have they enjoyed it. I can definitely see an improvement in reading skills for Zebbie and the kids all really enjoy it. The base subscriptions came with the ability to add 2 students. Today I called and added Ben and Violet to the Discovery program and added Lily to the Elevate program. They provide a very thorough report section. And ongoing lexile evaluations. Most importantly the kids really like it and I think it is really helping my struggling readers. I suspect it will help my non struggling readers too. We will add Ulysses pretty soon too I think. It is $189 for the base program and $25 for each additional student.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Time poverty

This is what my bedroom looks like when I am suffering from time poverty! Egads! I am attacking it now...as long as I don't get called in to work!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

More Christmas

Lily made it home and opened her Christmas gifts. I think she liked them. This year we armed the kids with practice swords, axes and pocket knives. It wasn't a cohesive plan of armament...it just kind of worked out that way. The kids are pretty cute patrolling the perimeter. Our house is slowly turning into a JM Cremp catalogue spread!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Who says Candyland is for babies?

I love that the big kids wanted to play candyland.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Posting pictures

Yeah..that's right. That was my high score on Galaga. MOM rocks that game. I am still figuring out the best way to post pictures - I need to take some more because this is a totally weak picture to post!

My summer Yard

I really am going to miss our yard, but I can't wait to start on the new one!
We have to build a brand new pool...which is exciting and expensive. I can't wait.

No smile for you

Just trying to figure out the best way to get pictures onto the blog!

the yard

we are soon leaving our beautiful yard and have to start on a new yard. Keith loves a challenge though. The big girls are distraught but will get over it i am sure!


little miss Violet...so darn precious.

Happy New Year

i am still working on uploading pictures from my phone to this blog. I love the New Year. It is a chance at a new beginning...right? My diet...yes I have gained 11 pounds since Ezra joined our family. My budget...I am getting closer to Gazelle intensity...not quite there yet. A new beginning for actually finding my self-discipline. It is easier to start off right than it is to go back and fix it!

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