Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ben and Mommy day

Sometime in November, Benjamin decided we were going to have Ben and Mommy day. I told him at the time that my next day off wouldn't be until January 16. Bam January 15 rolls around and Ben is telling me all of the things we will be doing the next day. We started out rolling over to the mall to jump on that $10.00 bungy jumping thing, then we bought tickets to The Force Awakens and picked up our 3d glasses which Ben is modelling. We had some Starbucks Coffee and went to the movies...purchasing get a ridiculous amount of movie snacks. We did some general shopping after the movie...a star wars rebels bouncing ball, a force awakens art activity set, a set of neoprene 4lb weights so Ben could build up his muscles...a couple of pairs of long pants. Then the crowning event of the day...dinner at Benjamin's original Calabash. A pirate greeted Ben at the door and he told everyone inside that his,name was Benjamin too. He had crab legs for the first time and ate so much he had to sleep on the floor steps away from the bathroom that night.
Altogether a successful Ben and Mommy I. The next post!

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