Thursday, January 21, 2016

Reading Horizons

A couple of months ago we bought an online reading program called reading horizons. We got a subscription for the older kids...Alex and Han (called Elevate) and a subscription for the younger kids, Zeb and Zoe (called Discovery). Wow! have they enjoyed it. I can definitely see an improvement in reading skills for Zebbie and the kids all really enjoy it. The base subscriptions came with the ability to add 2 students. Today I called and added Ben and Violet to the Discovery program and added Lily to the Elevate program. They provide a very thorough report section. And ongoing lexile evaluations. Most importantly the kids really like it and I think it is really helping my struggling readers. I suspect it will help my non struggling readers too. We will add Ulysses pretty soon too I think. It is $189 for the base program and $25 for each additional student.

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